Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Experience authentic culture by booking one of our Rio de Janeiro apartment rentals

Immerse yourself in the real Rio de Janeiro by staying in a favela, one of the city’s most fascinating and vibrant communities. Experience the favelas' authentic culture, art, music, sports, food, and nightlife when you book one of our Rio de Janeiro apartment rentals.

Vidigal Apartment with Beach View

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

  • Entire apartment for yourself
  • 5 beds for 5 guests
  • Stunning view of Ipanema
  • Newly built in 2013
  • 2-minute walk from bus stop
  • 15-minute walk to Leblon
  • Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€35 ($47 USD) nightly
€206 ($273 USD) weekly
€514 ($682 USD) monthly

Rocinha Private Room in Central Location

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

  • Private room in host's home
  • 2-minute walk from bus stop
  • 1 twin-bed for 1 guest
  • 20-minute bus ride to Ipanema
  • Friendly, respectful host
  • Big screen TV
  • Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€29 ($38 USD) nightly
€124 ($165 USD) weekly
€257 ($341 USD) monthly

Private Room in Rocinha Family Home

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

  • Private bedroom
  • 2 twin-size beds for 2 guests
  • Stunning view of beach and mountains
  • Cultural immersion with Brazilian family
  • Rooftop terrace
  • 10-minute bus ride to Leblon
  • Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€28 ($37 USD) nightly
€152 ($201 USD) weekly
€402 ($531 USD) monthly

Shared Room in Rocinha Family Home

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

  • Shared bedroom with other international guests
  • 6 twin-size beds for 6 guests
  • Stunning view of beach and mountains
  • Cultural immersion with Brazilian family
  • Rooftop terrace
  • 10-minute bus ride to Leblon
  • Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€11 ($14 USD) nightly
€59 ($77 USD) weekly
€224 ($297 USD) monthly

2-Bedroom Apartment in Rocinha

2-Bedroom Bedroom Pic

  • Stay in safe, vibrant community full of music, food and fun
  • Stay with Brazilian family in private quarters
  • Full well-equipped kitchen
  • Bus stop seconds away!
  • Fast Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€51 ($71 USD) nightly
€360 ($495 USD) weekly
€536 ($737 USD) monthly

Blue Ocean Views - Vidigal Guesthouse

Blue Ocean Views - Beds

  • Private suite with two beds
  • Amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Vidigal
  • Enjoy a variety of awesome cultural events just minutes away
  • Full kitchen shared with other international guests
  • Short walk from Brazil's famous beaches
  • Fast Wi-Fi and A/C

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€27 ($37 USD) nightly
€124 ($171 USD) weekly
€475 ($653 USD) monthly

Leblon-Vidigal Guesthouse Private Room

Leblon-Vidigal Bedroom

  • Private suite with two beds
  • Amazing views of the Atlantic Ocean and Vidigal
  • Enjoy a variety of awesome cultural events just minutes away
  • Full kitchen shared with other international guests
  • Short walk from Brazil's famous beaches
  • Fast Wi-Fi and A/C

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€83 ($111 USD) nightly
€582 ($780 USD) weekly
€2469 ($3307 USD) monthly

REAL Rio--Vibrant Culture and People

REAL Rio Living Room

  • 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment accommodating 2 people
  • Experience authentic Brazilian culture
  • A short trip to some of Brazil's famous beaches
  • Fully furnished kitchen
  • TV/DVD player
  • Fast Wi-Fi and A/C

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€27 ($37 USD) nightly
€144 ($261 USD) weekly
€461 ($1142 USD) monthly

The REAL Rio with Local Tour Guide

The REAL Rio with Local Tour - Favela

  • 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment accommodating 2 people
  • Stunning view of the ocean and mountains
  • TV and a computer for guest use
  • Full well-equipped kitchen
  • Guests are free to use laundry machine
  • Owner is happy to take guests on tours of the area
  • Fast Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€33 ($45 USD) nightly
€233 ($312 USD) weekly
€1083 ($1451 USD) monthly

New Rocinha Hostel Overlooking Rio

New Rocinha Hostel Kitchen

  • 1 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment accommodating 4 people
  • 2 sets of bunk beds
  • Plenty of cultural activities nearby
  • Fast Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€10 ($14 USD) nightly
€71 ($96 USD) weekly
€319 ($430 USD) monthly

Vidigal Apartment with Beach View

Stunning Ocean Views

  • One bedroom with three individual-sized beds and one bath apartment
  • Great views of the Atlantic Ocean
  • An array of culturally-rich activities nearby
  • A short walk from the beautiful beaches of Rio
  • Vibrant neighborhood
  • Fast Wi-Fi

Rio de Janeiro Apartment Rentals

Beach View/Central Location/5 Beds

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€35 ($35 USD) nightly
€206 ($155 USD) weekly
€514 ($371 USD) monthly

Vibrant Culture

Stay with welcoming favela families who are eager to share their culture with you. Join your host family for home-cooked meals, watching a football match, an impromptu samba lesson, or a trip to the local market. You'll build meaningful relationships with warm, honest, and resilient people, and you'll go far beyond sightseeing, beaches, and hotels. As you can imagine, favelas are fast becoming the must-see experience for travelers.

Affordable Prices

Nowhere else in Rio will you find apartments and private rooms at such a great value. Since Rio is one of the world's most expensive cities, by booking with Favela Experience, you'll save the money you could otherwise spend on expensive and boring hotels. We want you to use your money for hang gliding, surfing, nightlife, exotic fruits, and everything else that will make your trip memorable!

Central Location

The favelas where you'll stay are located in the heart of the desirable South Zone of Rio. You'll be close to Copacabana, Ipanema, the Sugar Loaf, Christ the Redeemer, and all the places most interesting to travelers. Public buses and vans that will take you all over the city are within a few minutes walk from where you'll be staying.

Favela Tour

Favela Resident Guides Will Show You the Real Rio de Janeiro

Explore the narrow passageways and catch breathtaking views of unique architecture, mountains, and ocean. The best way to understand the one-of-a-kind culture, history, and challenges of favelas is by exploring them with a local guide on our favela tours. Your guides are Rocinha residents whose passion for their communities and knowledge of favela life set them apart as the best guides in Rio!


Favela Tours with Favela Adventures

We partner with Favela Adventures for favela tours in Rocinha, Latin America’s largest and most renowned favela. Your guide will pick you up close to where you're staying and take you in a public van to the top of Rocinha, from where you'll walk downhill. Your nearly five-hour tour will feature rooftop views of the favela, discussions about the community's history, day-to-day life, and socioeconomic challenges as well as a lunch (not included in the tour price) at a local buffet restaurant. Contact Zezinho da Silva at visitrocinha@gmail.com to book your favela tour in English, Spanish, or Portuguese for €24 ($33 US dollars) with a top-rated guide!

Favela Tours

Top-Rated Favela Tours

See the great reviews other travelers have given our favela tours in Rio de Janeiro! Travelers say our favela tours are a "must-do in Rio" and "an absolutely fantastic time."

Featured in New York Times

Favela Adventures was recently featured in both the New York Times and Forbes as well as many international and Brazilian news outlets.

Local, Favela Guides

All guides are from Rocinha, so they show the reality of favela life unlike outsiders who often provide false information and stereotypes.

Responsible Tourism

Favela Adventures is based in Rocinha, so your business entirely benefits the community. Also, the majority of profits fund Spin Rocinha, a free DJ school for Rocinha youth.

Rio de Janeiro World Cup Apartments

Experience the world's biggest sporting event in the country that lives for football!

Favela Experience offers inexpensive Rio de Janeiro World Cup apartments during the duration of the tournament from June 12 to July 13, 2014. We will give special discounts for groups of 8 people or more, and we'll tailor your stay in Rio especially for you and your guests. Please contact us to book your stay in one of our Rio de Janeiro World Cup apartments!

Contact Us

Favela Experience's Rio de Janeiro World Cup Apartments

Affordable Prices

Our Rio de Janeiro World Cup apartments are much less expensive than the exorbitant rates of other accommodations. Even hostels are charging €150 ($200) per night for a single bed in a room shared with five other strangers! Favela Experience is offering private rooms (for 1-2 guests) in favela residents' homes starting at €75 ($100) per night and entire apartment rentals (for 3-6 guests) starting at €150 ($200) per night. 

Central Location

Our favelas are located within the heart of Rio de Janeiro's South Zone, encompassing the exclusive neighborhoods of Copacabana, Ipanema, and Leblon as well as the center of tourism activity in the city. Moreover, our favelas are well connected to public transportation, included buses, vans, and metro, which pass through these communities with high frequency. Of course, you'll still be less than an hour by bus from the Maracana stadium, where all the matches will take place.

The Real Rio

While most visitors for the World Cup will stay in stuffy hotels and overcrowded hostels, we'll provide you with an authentic cultural experience, allowing you to escape the hoards of tourists. With Favela Experience, you'll immerse yourself in the real Rio by staying in some of Brazil's most fascinating communities and feel for yourself the passion and excitement of the favelas.

World Cup Match Ticketing Information

Tickets for World Cup matches are available online through FIFA's website. FIFA's ticketing guidelines explain ticket allocations and availability, but unfortunately, we can't purchase World Cup match tickets for our customers due to ticketing purchase restrictions.

"From a security point of view, the visit to [the favela] seemed like a nonevent, a sunlit walk through a busy neighborhood with police officers posted every few hundred yards."

New York Times Travel article about Rio by Jodi Kantor (February 15, 2013)
Personal Safety

Ultimately, your safety depends on your common sense. So, please:

  • Stay aware of your surroundings at all time
  • Don't take photos of people you don't know
  • Walk in groups at night
  • Avoid entering unfamiliar alleys unless accompanied by trusted local residents
  • Dress modestly and comfortably with sturdy shoes
  • Never use or buy illegal drugs
  • Consume alcohol in moderation
  • Don't have sex with minors
  • Listen to your hosts about safety
  • Don't get scared by fireworks (Brazilians love to celebrate any occasion!)
  • Avoid mototaxis for transportation
  • Only drink bottled water

Host Selection

We recruit our hosts through trusted personal networks and interview all family members face-to-face. Furthermore, our hosts understand that by providing you the best experience, they will earn excellent reviews, drawing more guests and generating more income for their families.

24/7 Policing

We only operate in favelas with newly installed permanent police, who are protecting these communities from crime in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. Moreover, favela residents welcome visitors because they know that travelers positively contribute to economic development.


We're making tourism meaningful while developing local communities


We provide our guests with exciting and authentic tourism experiences in Rio de Janeiro’s fascinating favelas through immersive homestays and discounts on adventure and cultural tour activities. As a result, we increase the incomes of our favela hosts and favela tour operators while improving the world’s perception of favelas.



 We seek a world in which tourism positively impacts developing communities and the environment.






Elliot Rosenberg


Elliot's an American with a passion for Brazil, favelas, and meaningful travel experiences. He has lived, volunteered, worked, and toured Latin America for over two years, and now lives in the favela of Rocinha where he coordinates all aspects of Favela Experience. He holds a B.S. in Commerce and second major in Latin American Studies from the University of Virginia.

Jo Deagle

Vidigal Operations Manager

Jo's from the UK and lives in the Vidigal favela where she oversees World Cup preparations and logistics in the community. She's currently researching land title grant programs in favelas for her M.A. Brazil in Global Perspective at King's College London's Brazil Institute and holds a B.A. in Portuguese and French from the University of Leeds.

'Zezinho' Da Silva


Zezinho lives in and was born and raised in Rocinha. He founded and runs Favela Adventures, a top-rated tour business that offers tours in the favela. Zezinho only hires other favela residents as guides and reinvests his proceeds to provide free DJ lessons to favela youth through his own nonprofit Spin Rocinha.

Daniel Rodriguez

Rocinha Operations Manager

Daniel's a Costa Rican living in the Rocinha favela where he manages World Cup preparations and logistics. He's pursuing a B.A. in Economics at Washington and Lee University in the United States.

Sustainable Tourism

Favela Experience uses sustainable tourism as a force for good in favelas and the world. We shun any tourism activities that exploit, misrepresent, or objectify marginalized communities, as many favela tour companies do. Those companies are operated by outsiders who perpetuate negative stereotypes about favelas, dehumanize residents, and do not contribute to local socioeconomic development.

As such, our services are born from our conviction to transform favela tourism in Rio de Janeiro and prove a replicable model of sustainable tourism as an example for similar communities elsewhere. By allowing meaningful and authentic dialogue between favela residents and guests, we show both the positive and challenging realities of life in these communities and do not glamorize poverty in favelas. Ultimately, we practice sustainable tourism because we generate additional income for favela residents, facilitate genuine cultural exchange, break negative stereotypes about favelas, and provide accommodations with low environmental impact.


Sustainable Tourism Practices

Sustainable Livelihoods

We pay the majority of booking fees to our host families and reinvest our commissions into growing our social impact. Since favela residents earn less than €270 ($360) per month, the income we generate for our hosts can be significant. As a result, our hosts can use this money to improve their families' education, health, and housing.

Real Cultural Exchange

Our guests and hosts share their cultures with each other, and as a result, favela families expose themselves to people and perspectives from around the world. At the same time, our guests gain insight into the truth about daily life in favelas, which they can spread in their home countries.

Breaking Stereotypes

In other countries, favelas are mostly known for their history of violence, drugs, and poverty, which mainstream movies and news have exaggerated and sensationalized. To break these negative stereotypes, we show our guests firsthand that favelas are safe, culturally vibrant, populated by honest and hard-working people, and full of business activity.

Environmental Sustainability

Compared to other parts of Rio de Janeiro and the developed world, the favela lifestyle is very environmentally sustainable. People in favelas economize resource use, ride on public transportation, and live in high density areas. Furthermore, our accommodations are in pre-existing buildings, and our guests are simply using otherwise unoccupied space, so they aren't contributing to the demand for environmentally-taxing construction of hotels and hostels.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick my specific accommodations for the World Cup?
Favela Experience will place you in a property based on the level of accommodations (shared room, private room, or private apartment) that you purchase. Unfortunately, besides the level of accommodations, we cannot meet specific preferences for location or any other elements of the accommodations. Nonetheless, we guarantee the minimum listed amenities of one bed per person, wi-fi, hot water, a shared bathroom (for shared and private bedrooms) or a private bathroom (for private studio/one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments), towels and bed linens.
Are flights, FIFA match tickets, meals, transportation, and tour activities included with my purchase?
No, your purchase only includes accommodations. Though some of our hosts may choose to provide breakfast, we cannot promise breakfast or other meals due to the daily work schedules of our hosts. Nonetheless, we will provide you with information and insider tips about all of these other components of your trip.
Are your World Cup accommodations prices per person?
The single bed in a shared room is the only per-person price. The other accommodations have the same price, regardless of whether you have the maximum number or fewer guests.
Do you give refunds?
No, we do not offer refunds even if you decide not to attend the World Cup before the event begins for any reason. Furthermore, Indiegogo has a “no refunds” policy. In the case of dissatisfaction with your accommodations upon arrival, we will do our best to offer you other favela accommodations.
Will my group be together in the same location?
With groups of four or fewer guests who have all purchased single beds in shared rooms, we will place the entire group in the same property. If your group of three or more guests has purchased private bedrooms or private studio/one-bedroom apartments, we cannot guarantee you will be in the same property or close to each other. If your group of five or more guests has purchased private two-bedroom apartments, we cannot guarantee you will be in the same property or close to each other.
How do I reserve multiple beds in a shared room, multiple private rooms, or multiple private apartments?
Please make separate purchases for each bed, private room, or private apartment that you want to reserve.
Can I split the payment for World Cup accommodations between multiple cards or accounts?
No, we ask that you pay for your group’s accommodations with one debit/credit card or PayPal account.
Can I pay a deposit on my accommodations now and pay the rest at a later date?
No, we ask that you make the full payment through Indiegogo.
How do I arrive at my property?
There are taxis and affordable, private shuttle buses from both the international airport and the bus station that will take you to the entrance of the favelas. Someone from Favela Experience will meet you where your taxi or bus drops you off and bring you to the favela where you are staying.
Do you offer match-day transportation to the Maracanã football stadium?
Sorry, we cannot offer match-day transportation, but we will give you instructions on how to get to the Maracanã.
Does Favela Experience offer accommodations in any of the other Brazilian host cities besides Rio de Janeiro for the World Cup?
No, we only offer accommodations in Rio de Janeiro.
May I come and go from the property as I please?
Yes, you will have your own set of keys to come and go from the property as you please. Still, we ask that you respect other hosts' and guests' need for quiet, especially late at night and early in the morning.
If I do not plan to attend any matches in Rio de Janeiro, why should I still stay there during the World Cup?
Rio de Janeiro is the cultural and tourism hub of Brazil, and it will be the center of the action for the World Cup. Rio de Janeiro will host the most matches of any city, including the final, championship match on July 13 at the famous Maracanã stadium. Furthermore, its location along the coast in the middle of the other host cities will make Rio de Janeiro an ideal “home base” for your World Cup trip. Besides the fact that Rio de Janeiro is an easy and likely point of entry from your home country, it has good airline and bus transportation links to other host cities.
What are the exact dates and match schedule of the World Cup?
The first match is on June 12, 2014, and the final match is on July 13, 2014. You can find the match schedule on FIFA’s website.
May I have more than the written number of people in a certain type of accommodations if I bring sleeping bags or air mattresses?
No, you may not exceed one (1) guest for a single bed in a shared room, two (2) guests for a private room or private studio/one-bedroom apartment, and four (4) guests for a private two-bedroom apartment. The owners of the properties have strict capacity limits for your safety and comfort.
Can I watch World Cup matches on television in the favelas?
Yes, there will be many bars playing all 64 FIFA matches on televisions within the favelas.
During the World Cup, may I stay for fewer than five (5) consecutive nights, and, if so, how much does it cost?
You may stay for fewer than five (5) consecutive nights, but you must pay the price of the five (5) consecutive nights minimum stay.
What is Indiegogo?
Indiegogo.com is a trusted, secure “crowdfunding” website that allows customers to pre-order products and services. Purchasing your Favela Experience World Cup accommodations through Indiegogo is a safe way to book one of our properties before they sell out. Additionally, Indiegogo allows you to pay using debit card, credit card, and PayPal.

Indiegogo is unlike other crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter that only allow “all-or-nothing” funding. On those other sites, funders are fully refunded if the goal is not met. Instead, Indiegogo’s “flexible funding” option ensures Favela Experience will provide you accommodations for the World Cup, regardless of whether we reach our financial goal amount. Even if we reach and exceed our goal, you will still be able to buy accommodations or any of the other “perks” on the right as long as they have not sold out.

We are not selling World Cup accommodations on any other site besides Indiegogo, so reserve your space now before we sell out.

What are favelas?
Favelas are squatter communities in Brazil that date back to the 1890s. Today nearly 30% of Rio's population lives in favelas, making them centers of fascinating culture, unique architecture, resilient people, and fun activities. Even though favelas are financially poor, they have a wealth of natural, cultural, and personal beauty to share with you!
Are favelas safe?
Yes! We only work in communities that now have 24/7 police protection in advance of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. What's more is that favelas are often safer for tourists than areas more frequented by tourists such as Copacabana. You can read more about safety from our excellent guest reviews.

What are the homes like?
All of our homes are simple, but comfortable and clean. Each home is unique, so please check our listings for photos and descriptions. At the least, each house has:

  • Either a private bedroom or entire home exclusively for guests
  • Beds and mattresses with sheets and pillows
  • Full bathrooms with toilets, sinks, and electric showers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Electricity
  • Running water (Note: Please use water sparingly and take quick showers since water is rationed in favelas.)

Does Favela Experience practice ethical tourism?
Yes! We empower favela residents through dignified, face-to-face cultural exchange with visitors. As such, we shift guests' mindset to value favela people, culture, and communities as valuable assets to our world. While favela tourism has sometimes earned a poor reputation for turning favelas into "human poverty zoos," we shun this insensitive practice and support tourism that positively contributes both economically and socially to favelas.
What fun and interesting activities are there for me in favelas?
Favelas and nearby areas offer a variety of adventure and cultural activities including hang gliding, rock climbing, surfing, paintball, live music, dance, martial arts, nightlife, restaurants, shopping, and more! Contact us to learn more and get discounts on these activities.
What do I need to bring with me?
The weather in Rio stays between 20 and 35 degrees Celsius (70-95 degrees Fahrenheit) all year and it rains often, especially between December and April. As such, you should bring light clothes, sturdy shoes, sunscreen, a light rain coat, and mosquito repellent. Some of our homestays provide bath towels for guests, but you should bring your own if you can.
Why should I stay with you over a hotel, hostel, or other accommodations?
Favela Experience provides an inexpensive way to meaningfully understand real Rio culture beyond beaches, bars, and sightseeing. Staying in a hostel or hotel with other foreigners won't get you the same immersive experience. Furthermore, staying with Favela Experience contributes to sustainable economic development in favelas.
How do I get to my homestay from the airport or bus station?
You can easily arrive to the favela by taxi from the international airport for $60-100 BRL (€22-38 or $30-$50 USD) or the long-distance bus station for $40-70 BRL (€15-26 or $20-$35 USD). You should make sure the taxi will go to the favelas.

The private, blue, air-conditioned bus called O Frescão ("oo fresh-COWN") costs $12 BRL (€4.50 or $6 USD). The bus departs from the international airport usually every half hour, and it drops you off in São Conrado, from where you can take a taxi ($10 BRL) to the favela. Note: make sure the taxi will go into Rocinha--not all go inside the favela.

Do you offer airport transfers?

Sorry, we do not offer airport transfers, but we can provide you detailed instructions on how to safely and easily arrive at the entrance to the favelas where we will meet you.

How do you select your hosts?
We find hosts through our trusted personal networks, and we screen them based on their trustworthiness, willingness to share their culture and lives with guests, hospitality as well as their ability to offer a safe, clean, and comfortable homestay.
Can I bring my children to favelas?
Yes! We encourage you to bring your children since the favelas are safe and interesting for them just as much as they are for adults. Some of our listings can even house parties of 5 people.
What are the house rules?
The house rules vary from house to house, so you should check all of the listings for house-specific rules. Still, the following rules are standard for all of our homestays:

  • Keep showers under 2 minutes to prevent running out of water (Water is rationed in favelas.)
  • Communicate with hosts to make sure your bathroom use doesn't conflict with hosts' need to shower and get ready for work
  • Don't flush toilet paper and instead discard it in a trash can in the bathroom (Otherwise, you'll clog the toilet.)
  • Turn off all lights and electronic appliances when not using them
  • Ask hosts if and where you can smoke
  • Ask hosts before using the kitchen
  • Don't take food hosts' food and beverages without permission

How do I communicate with my hosts?
Some of our hosts speak English and even other languages. Still, when you and your host don't speak the same language, you can always use Google Translator on your or your hosts' computer to translate messages. If you have your smartphone, you can even download the Google Translator app and connect to your hosts' Wi-Fi network to translate voice conversations with your hosts live. Nonetheless, we're on the ground in Rio to translate for you and your hosts if you need us!
How fast is the internet in the favelas?
All internet connections will be at least 5 Mbps, with some as high as 20 Mbps.
Can I drink the water and brush my teeth with the water in the favelas?
While we have not had any issues drinking the water or brushing your teeth with the water in the favelas, we recommend that you buy bottled water to drink and brush your teeth. Some people’s digestive systems will struggle with the change in water from their home countries, so we suggest you take this precaution.
Do I need a visa to travel to Brazil?
Brazil requires many countries’ citizens to apply for a tourist visa to visit Brazil. Check with your country’s Brazilian embassy to see if you need to apply for a visa.
Do I need vaccinations to travel to Brazil?
Please consult with a physician before you travel.
How often will my room/apartment be cleaned?
Hosts will clean the properties at least once per week during your stay if you stay over one week. In addition, hosts will clean the properties between stays of different groups of guests.
Does Favela Experience own or rent the properties?
No, we neither own nor rent any of the properties, but rather we serve as an agent connecting guests and hosts. Favela Experience keeps a commission of every booking fee to fund marketing and other operating expenses.
Is Favela Experience a registered company?
Yes, Favela Experience is a registered company in the United States as a division of Rosemount Equities, a Delaware Limited Liability Company - Series 43.



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