Terms and Conditions


  • To confirm your booking we charge you 25% of the total price. That value is non-refundable.  Make sure your credit card details are correct! In big events To confirm your booking we charge you 100 % of the total price.
  • Cancellation for any reason, unless otherwise mentioned will result in a loss of the values of the reservation according to the following table, plus all processing and handling fees.
  • Cancellations made 7 days or more before midnight of first reserved day will not incur in any charges .
  • Cancellation made between 3 and 7 days will incur in a 50% of the total value.
  • Cancellation made with less than 72 hours prior to arrival and no shows, defined as a lack of arrival without any cancellation or communication, will result in a charge of 100% of the total booking value plus processing and handling fees. Cancellations due to natural disaster, death, or injury will be handled on a case by case basis and will receive a full refund (minus processing and handling fees) upon proof of causation.
  • Favela Experience can charge the guest's credit card with 25% of the total price anytime after the booking is made. The remaining can be charged any time after arrival.
  • Cancellation fees can be charged anytime after the cancellation is made. No-shows can be charged at midnight if there was no indication of later arrival.


  • Check-in is at 13:00 hs. Early check in may be requested and is subject to availability and express approval from Favela Experience.
  • Arrivals after 0:00 hs without previous indication will be considered as no-show.
  • Check-out is at 11:00 hs. Late check-outs may be requested at least one day in advance, and is subject to availability and express approval from Favela Experience.
  • Late check-outs without previous authorization from Favela Experience will incur in a fee equal to 100% value of one night in that room plus penalty fees due to problems occasioned to other guests.


  • Extra beds may be requested at an extra cost to be paid by the guests. The extra bed needs to be approved by Favela Experience.
  • Children under 4 years old are free of charge. Two children under 4 will be considered to occupy one bed.
  • breakfast included.
  • Towels and linen are provided.


  • Reception is open from 8:00 hs to 0:00 hs
  • Kitchen is available for use for the Hole day  but after midnight whithout any noise.
  • The terrace is available for the hole day but after midnight whithout any noise.


  • Don’t leave the lights on if you are not in the room.
  • We ask to only use the air conditioner from 22 hs to 10 hs
  • Please make sure that the tap is properly closed
  • Please reduce your showers to 5 minutes
  • The lack of conscience in the consumption of water and electricity is a problem. In hot days, water supply can be an issue. The high use of electricity can bring black-outs in the community as well. For that reason we all need to be aware and watch over our consumption.


  • You can use the stove, the refrigerator and all the kitchen supplies.
  •  Keep the kitchen clean at all times! If you use it, wash it! Leave the kitchen just as you found it (or even cleaner!). Respect the other guests.
  • It’s not allowed to drink nor eat in the rooms.
  •  The rooms and the kitchen are smoke-free areas. Please don’t smoke there.
  •  For security purposes, visitors are only allowed in common areas (such as the kitchen, the patio and the terrace)
  •  Keep your belongings safe!
  •  We have lockers at the reception
  •  If you have valuable objects, we suggest you leave them in the lockers at the reception.
  • You're going to stay in a community in the favela, which is very different from the formal city that surrounds it, and even more different from the "developed world". So expect services like water, electricity and internet work about 98% of the time. To conserve water and prevent power outages, we recommend guests to take short baths.
  • Favela Experience can not offer refunds because of personal problems, disagreements with the property owners, neighbors, other guests, friends or family.
  • The guest is responsible for any damage caused to property by negligence or carelessness. The compensatory payment will be determined by Favela Experience and must be paid in full before check-out.
  • You must report any damage as soon as Favela Experience occur.
  • You should clean and organize the common areas immediately after use
  • It is absolutely forbidden incurring any kind of illegal activity since Brazilian law responsible to their local hosts.
  • Payment is non-refundable.
  • Any changes to your reservation requires the authorization of Favela Experience
  • The lease renewal is subject to the approval of Favela Experience
  • You are responsible for your own safety.
  • Favela Experience is not responsible for any damage or theft of belongings
  • Favela Experience reserves the right to expel him from the property without refund by disrespectful, dangerous or reckless conduct.